Programmed pyrolysis (Tmax, S1, S2…)

Code: GE_103

Rock-Eval pyrolysis using RE VI turbo system. Determination of Tmax, S1, S2, S3, Hydrogen Index (HI), Oxygen Index (OI), Production Index, TOC and mineral carbon content (Lafargue et al., 1998). Graphical representation of the results on appropriate geochemical nomograms.

Programmed pyrolysis (Tmax, S1, S2…) is performed in a Rock-Eval 6 analyser of Vinci Technologies. Sample preparation: The sample (approximately 40g) is crushed in a mortar and sieved in a 50mesh (250μm) sieve. After that it is placed for 12 hours in an oven at 40o C. 50 – 70 mg of dried sample is placed in a RE6 crucible. Sample pyrolysis is performed according the following conditions: 300oC for 2 minutes and then temperature increase with a rate of 25oC/min until the temperature of 650oC. Rock-Eval 6 is calibrated with “IFP 160000” calibration standard of Vinci Technologies and can provide the following parameters:

S1: free hydrocarbons in sample (mg HC /g Rock),

S2: generated hydrocarbons from thermal cracking (mg HC /g Rock),

S3: CO2 produced during pyrolysis (mg CO2 /g Rock),

Tmax: temperature at maximum of S2 peak.