Diploma Theses

1. Apostolos Gionas

 Chemometriic algorithms to predict petroleum fractions' properties

 October 2002


2. Stavros Sourlingas

 Prediction of diesel properties using infrared spectra and chemometrics

 February 2004


3. Efrosini Koutsotheodorou

 Organic geochemical study of Kavala basin (Greece)

 September 2005


4. Adrianna Mintza

 Evaluation of the mixing effect on the gasoline octane number

 December  2006


5. Giorgos Vogiatzis

 Organic geochemical study of PΒ-26 well in Prinos (Greece) reservoir

 October 2007


6. Stavros Stathakis

 Development of analytical techniques for monitoring hydrocarbon pollutants in the environment and their application in selected areas in Chania, Crete.

 November 2007


7. Panagiotis Poulakis

 Comparative evaluation of different formations in Prinos Basin using organic geochemistry

 October 2008


8. Ioanna Stathi

 Laboratory production and characterization of biodiesel from industrial oils

 October 2008


9. Stavros Fountouradakis

 Active coals from greek lignites as adsorbents of gaseous pollutants

 October 2008


10. Dimitris Karavitis

 Sequestration of CO2 in geological formations

 July 2009


11. Kostas Kotzakoulakis

 Geochemical characterization and classification of crude oils based on the gasoline fraction (<210οC) analysis

 September 2010


12. Triada Apostolou

 Geochemical study of potential biogas source rocks in Massara basin (Crete)

 October 2010


13. Ismini Stroumpou

 Determination of the origin of organic pollutants in Chania (Crete) base on street dust analysis

 June 2011


14. Katerina Rapti

 Comparative evaluation of analytical methods to determine nitrogen componets in middle and heavy petroleum fractions

 August 2011


15. Efrosini Tsiskaki

 Biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons in seawater environment

 December 2011


16. Touris Christos

 Mixing effect in diesel-biodiesel formulations on the fuel properties

 March 2012


17. Karachalios Ioannis 

 Refining Diesel of catalymetric pyrolysis (LCO) by extraction 

 September 2012


18. Sofos Orestis

 Natural gas input electricity production of Crete

 March 2013


19. Tirakis Michalis

 Control and quality imrovement of recycled lubricant oils

 October 2013