Carbonate Carbon Content

Code: GE_102

The sample is crushed in a mortar or in a mill and sieved in a 60mesh (250μm) sieve. After that it is placed for 12 hours in an oven at 60o C. 0.5g of dried sample is treated with 70ml of hydrochloric acid 2N. The mixture remains in an oil bath at 70o C for 24 hours. Then it is centrifuged and the HCl is removed. The sample is washed with distilled water until reaching neutral Ph and filtered through a pre-weightedash-less filter paper. The filter paper with the sample is dried in an oven at 130o C overnight and reweighted. Additionally, an elemental analysis can be followed in order to determine the oil sulfur content using a CHNSO Organic Elemental analyzer (Flash 2000Thermo Scientific)